Video, 02:47

Apart is a performance for video which explains the act of losing conversation and the existence of her father. For the past 24 years, the artist had never interacted with her father or had the chance to exchange any conversations with one another. Throughout this performance piece, mark making of the blood line from tongue biting draws across the height of the artist resembles the journey of having silent conversations. This also conveys the desire to release the uncertainties of her own identity as a mixed Singaporean individual.

This work got me thinking about the relationships and conversations with people around me however there were no such communications involved with my father. I have longed to create conversations with him but there was no hope throughout all these years. I had the opportunity to be in performance art and shared my vulnerabilities as I pushed my body and emotions for the past weeks. Thus, I choose this personal concept of performance to be in tune both bodily and emotionally. Throughout the years of being silent and not having to communicate with him, this performance made me push the extent of documenting my emotions from a bodily point of view.

Yulie Jade

Yulie Jade Binte Katren, 24, was born and raised in Singapore. The artist inspires most of her works relating through people’s stories, personal events and family archives. Her work revolves around documenting and photographing specific moments that recreates new meanings and narratives. She embraces the chance for stories to be told from personal experiences and others. 

Since young, self identity was challenging for her to comprehend due to the lack of family background’s information and understanding. As being mixed and going through parents separation, she often finds part of her story as an individual being lost and unanswered. Through the course of her being a young artist, she re-photograph family pictures, re-document family archives and conversations. She enjoys overlapping these fragments of information and piecing them together to develop new sets or individual narratives and scenarios.