Weight in Identity

A juxtaposition of natural and synthetic materials resulting in an overwhelming form of wearable art that conceals the wearer’s identity. Weight in Identity uses rattan, wires and polyester film assembled in formation of the structure. The project was inspired by the use of masks during the pandemic and Weight in Identity is overemphasized as a wearable art.

The language of contrast in the materials; natural (rattan) and synthetic (polyester film) imbued with the rigidity of the cane structure versus feasibility of the laminating pouch. It includes the technique of gestalt, assembling and construction that converges to the form.

My work explores the relationship between the natural and synthetic where the selection of materials is as important as the process itself. The divergence of artist and materials forms the work that is perceived and thus shared upon the viewers.
What started out as preliminary projects and activities soon turned out to be a dialectical approach. The experiences we obtain as a living person allows immense mistakes to be made but as we learn from those mistakes, we will eventually become wiser. 
As ambiguous forms become experiences through an artist’s perspectives, we tend to believe that art provides a perspective for change.

Muhamad Lokman

An art educator, Lokman is now pursuing his undergraduate studies at LASALLE College of the Arts with a mission to expand his practice. He graduated in 2014 with a Diploma in Art Education from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and a Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education in 2015.
His works involve the intersection of dimensions unexplored and ideas in an ambiguous realm. He works with different, unorthodox materials in his practice to achieve dark, abstract and subjective works. He has exhibited at Nanyang, NIE Art Gallery and SOTA.