My Kampung Story

During this Covid times, one thing I miss the most is going back to my kampung in Johor Bahru. I miss the feeling of being in the kampung. The simple things like the roosters chucking in the morning, the cold morning breeze and getting together with relatives; I was feeling nostalgic hence, I wanted to do a work about kampung. I went around to interview not just those who have lived in a kampung but those who haven’t as well to see their perspectives and stories about kampung life. And I used those interviews as my work.

My work aims to preserve memories of kampung life as well as to show the fading of experiences as generations passes by through a collection of interviews and photographs. I believe as Southeast Asians, our perspectives of our own history should be preserved and treated as knowledge worth saving. Our story is worth preserving just like anyone else’s and our future descendants deserves to know those experiences, culture and identity.

Amirah Haziqah

Amirah Haziqah Binte Abu Bakar (Born in 1998) is a 2nd year student pursuing BA(Hons) in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. She explores a range of mediums, from illustration, installations to sound in her art practice. Her visual narratives touch aspects of supernatural, culture and identity.