Variations on the Chair
Image and Video, 02:12

Variations on the Chair is a series of paintings. The artist archived 30 different chairs for 30 days in her daily life and she depicted them in frames of various sizes. Chairs are not only just furniture, but also always form a relationship with humans, and each has its own history and narratives. It does not matter how and where the chair was made or what it was made of. For some, it may be just a meaningless tool, but for others, it may be a very meaningful item beyond its function. Chairs contain people's memories, delivering messages of meeting, separation, solitude, and sometimes even the message of hope that people dream of.

My practice is mainly focused on my identity and growth, and feeling of missing home as  a foreigner. Deeply personal and engaging, some of my work invites people to participate and resonate with the universal feeling of identity crises and feeling displaced, and deriving comfort from it. Also, I am fascinated to archive everyday objects that have deep connection with humans and reinterpret them in my own way through the painting. 

Kang Ah Young

Kang Ah Young (b.1996 Seoul, Korea) is an emerging artist, currently studying Fine Arts in BA(hons) as a Painting major at LASALLE College of the Arts. 

Her artworks have been shown in a few exhibitions. Recently, her artworks have shown in exhibitions titled “41st Daegu Exhibition”, and “Project 3V - Visualise, Voice & Vision, a Collaborative project between LASALLE College of the Arts and Sabanci University, at Fass Gallery in Turkey. Her Works have shown in “LASALLE SHOW 2021”, and “WALKWAY 2021, Between Dilettantes and Dissertations”as well. Also, She was awarded the Special Choice Award in Daegu International Grand Exhibition in 2021, and the Golden Prize in Busan Arts High School Competition in 2009.