Artist as Curator
Artist as Curator seeks to challenge the artist student’s understanding of the term exhibition making. Using their own experience as artists, this programme encourages the participants to push boundaries and gain new understanding between their personal artistic practices and the wider field of curatorship. Curatorship demands curiosity, sensitivity, mutual respect and diligence. As caretakers of over 50 artists and their works, participants exercise such responsibilities in their curation of One Night Only 2021. Working together as a team to conceptualise and manage the online event, the participants gain new perspectives in their roles as they rethink and re-examine the exhibition site for the creative works of their peers.

Lecturer: Cheong Kah Kit
Elective Curators

Sherrie Huang Mengyan
Ooi Si Lin
Danielle Xaviera Chloe Poon Yen Chen

The Performative Body
Claire Lim Jia Yi
Krithiyaa Senthilkumar

Video Art
Adriana Binte Muhammad Azmi Gan
Nurul Hanis Binte Moksan
Atin Yeo Jin Chao

Code Abstraction
Kim Ji Hyun
Eva Chan

Wearable Art
Mirna Barakat-Brown
Clarice Jocelyn Tjahyadi