Thank you for visiting this site for the digital showcase of One Night Only.

One Night Only is an annual showcase that the BA(Hons) Fine Arts Programme organizes every November for all BA Level 2 and 3 Fine Arts students. Currently in its 6th edition, our aim was to present students’ experimental works made during the course of a 10-week elective workshop that they had chosen. As a result of the type of electives that are offered every year, students had made this event one that activates and galvanizes the spaces in the Winstedt campus. Those of you who had joined us for the past few years would have remembered the works presented in and around the campus. 

Since last year, we have moved this event virtually due to the Covid-restrictions that are currently still in place. We hope that the spirit of One Night Only as a happening that promises rawness, experimentation and creative potential continues to find its place on the digital platform. 

Herein I would like to introduce the 6 elective workshops that we run this year from August to November and which resulted in the works that you can experience on this One Night Only microsite and instagram account. We have Fieldworks led by Wang Ruobing, Wearable Art by Dhiya Muhd, Performance Art by Ezzam Rahman, Video Art by Urich Lau, Code Abstractions by Andreas Schlegel. The One Night Only Showcase is managed by Cheong Kah Kit and his team of student curators who made this possible. 
Congratulations to all of you, and thank you for making One Night Only a success. 

Hazel Lim
Programme Leader BA(Hons) Fine Arts
McNally School of Fine Arts

Faculty of Fine Arts, Media & Creative Industries 
Professor Adam Knee, Dean 

McNally School of Fine Arts, BA(Hons) Fine Arts Programme 
Hazel Lim-Schlegel, Programme Leader 
Jeremy Sharma
Dr. Wang Ruobing

Elective Lecturers 
Andreas Schlegel
Cheong Kah Kit
Ezzam Rahman  
Muhammad Dhiya Bin Rahman
Urich Lau
Dr. Wang Ruobing

Thanks to: Division of Communications 
Chen Cuifen
Chin Ailin 

Wearable Art module Photographers:
Studio Silo

Designed by:
Tristan Lim & the Artists as Curators team