Finding my way home
Video, 02:50

At times, people are victims of circumstances out of their control and that can lead them to resort to “illegal” means. Home could mean different things to different people. It could be a place with family, a place to fulfil one’s dream or even just somewhere where one can just satisfy their bare minimum necessity. Finding my way home is a video that was filmed along the 5km stretch from SFA jetty to Kranji park and at the Woodlands checkpoint. It depicts an immigrant that swam from another country to get back to what he considers Home to him.

My interest in doing 3D works stems from being fascinated at the structures that I saw at my dad’s workplace when I was younger. Applying that to my practice, I’ll create maquettes to better visualize either the installation, mixed media works or the sculpture I'm working on. While at the same time combining different methods and skills from different mediums to create my works. By doing that, I can ensure that the works I am showing the viewer are consistent with the intention that I am trying to convey.

Yeo Jun Sin Benedict

Yeo Jun Sin Benedict (b.1998) is a Singaporean artist focusing on sculptural works. Having an interest in the arts since a young age, Benedict has been pursuing an education in arts for almost a decade and is currently pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts after getting his Diploma in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2019. Benedict was also one of the handful of selected artists to create works to be exhibited for LASALLE sculpture week 2019.