Emotion with Reality
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Emotion with Reality is a 2-part floating body helmet concealing one’s face and part of the body. It is an exploration of different materials which are fabric, embroidery hoops, hula hoops, shell beads and dyed goose feathers. This piece is not just any other helmet but the details of it were made to symbolize protection and fragility. The work’s floating-like effect gives the impression of awkwardness. The structure feels like the support one needs when experiencing anxiety, yet the tight fabric stretching over my face screams suffocation. The thin feathers look too fragile to come close or touch, and the space created by the hoop around my body ensures distance maintained from another person. I put these elements together to get my desired result; a body helmet to protect myself.

Growing up in a creative family, art has always been a fundamental part of my life. Since a young age, traditional drawings were all around me. I started to realise the fluidness and flexibility of art and I was intrigued to incorporate traditional art forms with 3D mediums. I am currently exploring how a person feels when they are in personal space. I want to expand this to a more universal language that many viewers can access. My passion and hunger for creating new ideas inspires me to explore more relevant and current issues today.

Nur Syahirah

Nur Syahirah is an aspiring 3D artist, photographer and graphic design practitioner based in Singapore. Syahirah is also independent, motivated and is a driven creative that is always ready to explore different materiality in her works. Syahirah received her Diploma in Media Production and Design and then proceeded to do freelancing photography and commissioned design works. She is currently taking her BA(Hons) Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts.