Come And Go

Born in Melaka, raised in Johor and currently residing in Singapore, the artist utilizes found coconuts as a metaphor in questioning her sense of belonging within these spaces. Coconut symbolizes movement as it floats on water, drifting away from its point of origin until it reaches another land to germinate. Coconut also denotes migration and trading of goods which the artist makes connections towards her seafaring ancestry. Through uncovering layers and the reconstruction of its form, the artist presents the coconut fibers like pieces of fragments, washed ashore.

My works are visual narratives reflecting upon experiences of everyday life within the context of the past and present time. I am drawn towards stories and micro-narratives that are often overlooked and go unnoticed within the wider lens of the world. My art-making process involves rendering of drawings, mark making or paintings from the collated data of which I would then extend to other mediums that best articulates the concept in mind.

Andrea Rachael Danker

Andrea Rachael Danker (b.1996) is currently a final year student pursuing her BA (Hons) in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. She is an art practitioner that primarily employs drawing and painting. Her works are informed from personal experiences in navigating themes of belonging, home and displacement through visual narratives.