Ebb and Flow
Video, 02:32

By manipulating still and moving images, static noises and silences, this experimental audiovisual looks at water, light and shadow, as a means of contemplation and play.

Complex ideas of simplicity excite me. Be it a regular pencil or paper, I am fascinated by the shapeshifting qualities a seemingly mundane object or material can bring, allowing me to discover new forms and perspectives through the slow, repetitive process of making.

Chan Hong Ting

Chan Hong Ting (b. 1998, Singapore) is a BA(Hons) Fine Arts Undergraduate at LASALLE College of the Arts, who previously majored in printmaking and graduated from the Diploma programme in 2020.

Chan's practice stems from her attentiveness to objects, materials and spaces in her domestic and natural environment. Employing similar ideas of transferring imageries in printmaking, she experiments with drawing and crafting as new ways of translating visuals and experiences. She is currently fascinated with the transformative potential and process of paper pulp, in the journey of mediating between herself and the world.