Ada nyawa, nyawa ikan
Video, 04:15

Ada nyawa, nyawa ikan is a Malay idiom used to describe a person who is almost dead. In my video work, this idiom is interpreted to be in a state of grief. Like fish that swim perpetually in its fish tank, the imagery of grief is embodied in the fish. The karaoke format that I appropriate allows me to introduce P. Ramlee’s melancholic song into my work. Paired with the highly-saturated colours, my work presents grief in a highly romanticised manner.

In my practice, my works highlight the subtleties of life. By magnifying scenes of the everyday, the nuances of the mundane that I depict are re-framed to bring the unseen to light. By creating a sense of intimacy with the viewer within my body of work, I hope to resonate with others by initiating a connection.

Sarah Binte Noorhimli

Sarah Noorhimli (b. 2001) is pursuing her degree in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts. She is a multi-disciplinary artist seeking to connect a fragmented world. Weaving technology with notions of sentimentality, she is working towards understanding a network of interpersonal relationships.