Take What You Will (How We All Feel A Little Inside)
Video, 02:44

The game of table tennis is like a conversation between 2 players on the opposite sides of the table. Instead, we see various hierarchies of power in society, where power structures adopt a “top-down” type of command relationship. Drawing parallels to society, the game could be akin to an idealized linear dialogue that should occur between individuals and groups in society. 

This work tries to reflect the unrelenting invisible power structures faced by individuals within society and the challenges they undergo when trying to have their voices heard. The futility of trying to “keep the ball going” despite the obvious difference in power and eventual “obedience” that follows, capturing the tragicomedy of contemporary societal experiences and existence.

I am interested in translating and visualizing data that she collects in long-term projects that involve collaborative partnerships with individuals, communities and the exploration of the environment around her. My practice unfolds through the use of digital mediums such as photography, video, assemblage, generative and performative art that addresses issues of body politics, self and social-political issues.

Lim E-Lynn Joanne

(b.1985) Joanne is a Fine Arts student at LASALLE College of the Arts to discover more about art making and the industry. In her final year of the programme, she had the opportunity to participate in several group shows held locally and overseas over the last two and a half years.