Chronos I, Chronos II (series of two)
Video, 09:48, 05:01

Both Chronos I and Chronos II are video installations with multiple screens.

The word “Chronos” derived from the Greeks, is one of the perceptions of time. A familiar means of viewing time, it is the measurement of time and a quantity of the duration that changes in a uniform and serial order. Chronos, in a sense, is empty; without content or meaning beyond its own linear progression. It is a state where nothing happens and goes on not happening. In this series of work, I multiply and suspend the duration of “waiting” in response to the urban life we go through everyday where we live in a constant state of hurry.

Ho Jia Qian Angelene

(b.1996) Angelene Ho’s practice investigates the notion of time looking at ideas of process and slowness. Through her works, she explores with videos and installations as a medium to reconstruct a duration. In doing so, viewers get to experience the accrued and fractured accounts of time.