Finding Leisure
Video, 2mins

Singapore is a highly developed and fast country. The pace of life is unbelievable, leaving us with no time to think about ourselves or for ourselves. We all might be having free time but do we take out time for leisure? My work is an exploration around the idea of leisure.

It is a series of 50 postcard size live drawings made at Botanic Gardens, Singapore over a period of 4 weeks. Watercolours and pencil on paper have been used as the medium for the quick sketches.

The location –the Botanic Gardens, the activity – sketching using watercolours and the time – every Thursday was chosen, as they all personally resonate to the idea of leisure for me. Through the work I wished to give myself some leisure time and capture the precious moments lived there. It is also to provide some resort and relaxation to the viewer’s eye, slow them down a little to look and take out some time for leisure.

For my works I draw inspiration from everyday observation, where I love to play between static documentations and moving images. Video and sound along with watercolor and charcoal have been my key areas of exploration in terms of medium. My current work is an exploration around the idea of leisure where I intended to find some leisure time for myself as well as provide a sense of peace and calmness to the viewers. For the same I used sound to support my scenes where I see them generating motion within the still footages.

Priyamvada Bhanger

I am a multidisciplinary artist who experiments with a range of mediums like painting, drawing, video art, installations etc. In the recent years I have been working on animations using my watercolour and charcoal sketches through the use of digital software's. Methods of deconstruction and reconstruction are often used in my works where balance and composition are key elements I strive to achieve. I received  Lasalle’s future Leadership scholarship in 2019 and also participated in group shows.