Video, 06:35

debut(?) is a video work that features footage of the artist dismantling and cleaning a ball jointed doll. The footage is accompanied by a pop song by a Japanese female idol group from the 1970s movie Perfect Blue. The colourful scenes and appearance of the doll and lively song project a whimsical and magical atmosphere that is otherwise broken by the seemingly violent acts towards the doll.

debut(?) is a video work that seeks to question the ethical notions in the process of identity restructuring that idol figures in the entertainment industry undertake before assuming their idol status. Through the raw and brash acts of destringing and cleaning the face makeup off a ball jointed doll, the artist hopes to express the harshness that lays behind the beauty of manufactured presence and adoration.

Chang Xuan Hui

Graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Psychology, Xuan Hui is currently pursuing a degree in Fine Arts at LASALLE to take her journey in understanding the governing entities of society on a new contemporary and raw path. Drawing from East Asian pop culture and subculture media, games and aesthetics, she infuses her work with the "kawaii" as a form of mitigation to make conversing about the undesirable, desirable. Her practice is multimedia in nature, with pieces ranging from found objects, fabricated objects, digital illustration, digital avatars, cosplay and installation.