I'm not an object
Video, 03:27

This performance focuses on self confidence. After his father passed away in 2000, and surviving very challenging circumstances in an orphanage the artist felt he was shaped more as a living object than a human. The actions in the video were performed with a ZOZOSUIT, a 3D body measurement technology that captures precise body scans and algorithmic data. For the artist, this work was confrontational as he began to push his body to its limits.

As a Muslim, I was born and raised in a religious background and I take everyday as a chance to become a better Muslim. Now I’m working with different forms of Art, such as discovering Islamic Art & moreover to learn more about Islam. And I also like to use mixed media, installation and sculpture. In my artwork as it would create an awareness to people. I try to influence people with new and interesting ideas, in attempt to create good and appealing art pieces. I also believe by using Photography, videography and performance as a medium to explore discover various interpretations.

Muhammad Redzuan Bin Mohd Sarwi

Muhammad Redzuan Bin Mohd Sarwi (b.1995) is a Singaporean artist currently pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts after getting his Diploma in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts in (2019). He graduated from Higher NITEC in Games Design & Development at ITE College Central (2014) and his Group win best in Game Art Design for final year project. Additionally, he had graduated from NITEC in Digital Animation at ITE College Macpherson (2012). He has been chosen twice by the Muslimin Trust Fund Association to draw and paint for two different presidents, on two different occasions. Both presidents are, the late S.R. Nathan and the Current President, Madam Halimah Yacob.