Looking through the panes of the windows of our neighbours. When the night is silent, the artist is curious about the daily motion of the mundane. Photographs are taken as a tool just like a frame, framing the other side of the party in a box. Neither can we hear what they are doing nor can we step into their houses, the artist becomes the observer and the wanderer. These are archives of photographs that open up new meaning and story, as each household holds a different routine and activities. Sometimes, when the artist observes long enough, one will feel a personal connection with them unconsciously.

My work aims to highlight the experience of our everyday life in relation to architecture. Communicating familiarised images of our surroundings without being consciously known to our senses, the artist wants to engage the notion of architectural spaces and objects with our experience of home. Emotional connection, desires and memory stimulate our interactions with our world. However, in the nature of migration, the transformation creates a feeling of displacement and unfamiliarity.

Chang Ting Hsuan Catherine

Chang Ting Hsuan, Catherine is a practicing visual artist living in Singapore. She is currently pursuing her studies in LASALLE Ba(Hons) in Fine Arts. She has worked across different mediums ranging from sculpture, photography, graphic design to installation art. She creates artworks that revolve around subjects of every day, memory, playing of forms to identity and space. Her work is based on finding beauty in imperfection and inquires to impose the desire for fulfillment.