Speculative Composition (Version 2)

This artwork depicts the body as a performative composition. The body has the ability to be broken down into both geometrical and organic elements, which allows for the joints between each body part to be blurred and abstracted from its traditional form. By highlighting various abstract shapes that exist within the body, we allow the body to perform through its limited structure.

Prior to this elective, I was always interested in the idea of collaging and piecing elements together to form a new composition. Collage allowed me to look at the body in fragments that are not conventional. It is fascinating that the body can be broken down into both geometrical and organic elements. I began framing various organic shapes on the body; viewing it as a performative composition. I have also decided to work with paper as I was motivated to push its boundary within a limited composition. The techniques of paper cutting, folding, and layering were also implemented in this work in response to my motivation.

Vanessa Seah Jaq Toung

Vanessa Seah (b.1998) is a Singapore-based artist who works primarily in oil painting. She is in her third year of pursuing a Bachelors in Fine Arts at LASALLE. Creating paintings that represent strangeness and uncanniness, her work allows her to piece elements from various origins to form a different conclusive narrative. She draws inspiration from everyday life, films, and even intangible memories which verge on sentimentality. Often working in fast strokes and multiple layers, the spontaneity of her paintings illustrates strong but fleeting emotions. This may help invite the viewers to have divergent interpretations and levels of relatability to her work.