Falling Rays
Image, Video

The work explores the combination of textiles and electronics. An electronic wearable abstracted from the idea of E-Textile, electronic textile art. The electronic components create systems capable of sensing, heating, lighting or transmitting data. Using such characteristics to support the experimentations, the work will follow the theme of nature, an abstract representation of it. It features the term ‘Komorebi’, sunlight piercing through the gigantic bushes and trees (crepuscular rays).

The source of inspiration is mainly the patterns created due to the interplay of light and shadow in forested areas. LED lights, fiber mashe from textiles, and a layer of another fabric with several organic holes make up the wearables form which supports the idea of the passage of light. Through the process of layering, the focus is to play around with the positive and negative spaces. The wearable is constructed in an organic manner and has an open structure similar to our natural environment.

A combination of textile with electronics nested together to create a form that represents the interplay of light and shadow in the nature surrounding us. The artistic intention is to explore the extent to which this interplay can be represented on the bodily structure. With the limitations of creating a wearable, the work follows an abstract idea, combining patterns and materiality from the natural environment, it features the idea of ‘Komorebi’. Through the work, the artist is exposed to consider the relationship between the human body and materiality of the artwork. This wearable thus takes the form of the body which is embraced through carrying the wearable in natural surroundings, while simultaneously exploring the intimate relationship shared between the work and the artist's body. 

Harshita Agarwal

A mixed-media artist interested in exploring various gestural ways to create art, Harshita’s interest towards understanding the ever-changing relationship between human and nature employs her to create field-based artworks and installations. Her works focus on spaces which have always been around us but left unnoticed until they become a cosmos. Taking a mixed-media approach, she mostly uses found objects that give an organic look to her works, as the materiality of a landscape plays a significant role in her practice. The act of intertwining the materials used with the techniques, such as layering, mark making, mapping and printing uniquely defines her aesthetic and artistic intention. Being a process-driven artist she is constantly developing to understand her place in the world.