Video, 03:20

This artwork is aimed at triggering a sense of nostalgia, self love, and washing away evil through a traditional skin care regime. Applying turmeric mixture in the body has been practiced for ages. This was a regular activity by most of the women in India. It has scientific and cultural significance and beliefs. The act of applying turmeric on the face is an act through which I am showing myself self love and care which has been given to me at home. Being an international student, not being able to go back home has made me long for their love and care. This performance acts as a remedy to console myself by loving and caring for myself. 

This performance is inspired by Indian traditions and culture. In this performance, turmeric and water mixture has been applied throughout the face. The act of applying turmeric is very common in Indian culture. Turmeric is also used as an effective skin care remedy throughout the world. Turmeric is also know wash away evilness and negativity. Being an international student, when we crave for love and affection it can only be given by us. This performance symbolises washing away the negativity with self care and self love to myself.

Jyoshitaa Gopinath

Jyoshitaa is an artist from India. She currently is working with solitude and nostalgia in her practice. She specialises in drawing, mapping and performance.