In Focus
Video, 11:22

In Focus is a study on anthropology, specifically that of conversation between people. Sarcastically titled, In Focus shows the conversation between two groups of friends at a few different locations, in no chronological order. There is absolutely no script and direction for the subjects, and the artist only functions as a cameraman to observe and record the conversations between these friends.

Shot and edited into styles ironically reminiscent of scripted films, the artist is interested in drawing parallels of the film to that of actual conversations between people - extremely engaged in the moment, but most of which becomes a blur as more time passes, before finally disappearing from our memories. Doing so, he questions the significance of most of our conversations in life and why we are so drawn towards them.

Lim Chong Tian

Rayman is an artist interested in conceptual and ideologically motivated art. Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts, he often takes pictures of his surroundings while traveling from point to point.  

For him, photography is a personal passion that arose from his great love of film. Constantly observing his surroundings while travelling, he adopts a documentary and photojournalistic quality to both the pictures and films he takes, often shot quickly in the spur of the moment. He much prefers to record events of his immediate environment from a distance without disturbing the natural flow of his subjects.