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Incorporating grids, hanging beads and rings, Chimes is constructed around the features of an armor; replacing strong metal plates with breakable materials like ceramics and textiles, this body of work reimagines the armor not as protection or a utility for survival but as an embellishment and bodily ornamentation, focusing on the delicate sounds created by the ceramic pieces as opposed to the harshness of metallic textures and colors. Through this method of presentation, Chimes seeks out the irony in using fragile materials as security; posing the question: can an armor be delicate and serve as protection?

Primarily working with textiles and ceramics, Stephanie Leonardi (b. 1999, Indonesia) focuses on the beauty and intimacy of materiality. Centered on her aspiration for unconventional sculpture makings, Stephanie's works emphasises textures, forms and folds created through needleworks; exploring yarn crafts like crochet and knitting as an entry point into unpacking the ideas of time, labor and modern leisure.

Stephanie Leonardi

Stephanie Leonardi’s work explores the intimacy of materiality, with a primary focus on ceramics and textiles. Moving to Singapore in 2017, Stephanie attended LASALLE College of The Arts to pursue her Diploma in Fine Arts; since then she has exhibited in several galleries and art projects including Art Moves VI at The Connoisseur Concerto, Starch and Gajah Gallery. Stephanie is currently in her final year of her undergraduate studies in LASALLE College of The Arts.