and then you were gone
Video, 02:14

and then you were gone is a performance video inspired by my medical condition of palmar hyperhidrosis, colloquially known as sweaty palms. Having negatively impacted my daily social life, I decided to recognise and embrace it as an element in my performance. Individually holding up five glasses inserted with candid images of myself - signifying the absence of another being from the moment - the cups inevitably creep and slip off my gripped hands. The physical act of slippage and resulting shards of glass alludes to the loss of time, memory as well as dangers of holding onto the past.

Through my artistic practice, I explore existential concerns revolving around the loss of relationships between people - personal memories, grievance, and melancholia. Whether it be a physical or emotional connection, I attempt to resolve the question: Does the pain ever go away or does it just linger in the background? I work freely across digital painting, performative video, textile, and ceramics, incorporating text and images to produce devices of remembrance, a personal attempt to cope with regrets and move forward. In doing so, I strive to invite my audience to contemplate on their own lived experiences and lost relations as well.

Lee Jing Xuan Phoebe

Phoebe Lee (b.1997, Singapore) is currently taking her Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts. She graduated in 2019 with a Diploma in Fine Art from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where she was awarded the Arts Bursary (2017) and MOE Bursary (2018/2019). Outside of the curriculum, she is passionate about teaching, having conducted art classes under UmiStrong, digital painting and photography workshop with photographer, Arron Teo, and currently teaches ceramic at THE 8TH FLOOR Creative Space. Phoebe has exhibited locally at The Substation, The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gallery, Alliance Française Gallery, amongst others.