Vanessa Seah

Unremembered Accumulation
Found Objects
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Vanessa Seah (b.1998) is a Singapore-based artist who works primarily with oil pastels and painting mediums. She is pursuing a Bachelors in Fine Arts at Lasalle and is currently in her second year. Her art-making process involves the use of collaging as photo references for her craft. She works intuitively with colours and negative spaces within a systematic routine she sets for herself. By reworking in numerous layers, she is able to convert existing art into studies for future works. This method helps her to capture the essence of one medium and translate it to another, resulting in a composition constructed by her internal logic.Unremembered Accumulation aims to reinvent the idea of a ‘collection’, by turning the items that are no longer in use into an assemblage that commemorates identity without prejudice.

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