by Hazel Lim-Schlegel

When part of the McNally School of Fine Arts moved to the Winstedt campus in 2013, it was an occasion that the Programme of BA(Hons) Fine Arts wants to take full advantage of. Although a stark contrast to the modern and all-glass façade of Mcnally campus, what Winstedt offered are the sprawling green field, pockets of nature, and nooks and crannies that represent potential sites for experimental works to be housed.

It is exactly that which we have in mind when the Programme conceived of One Night Only in late 2014 - an almost sleepy place that can be activated and energized through the interventions of art objects, video projections and performances.

It was also noticed that the BA(Hons) students, having engaged with a semester long elective course which they have selected, have been creating exciting and experimental works which they might otherwise not attempt in their usual studio practice – stretching from the likes of performance art, video projection, sound installations to works that deal with relational aesthetics and kinetic sculptures. Before 2013, these electives are presented within the classroom and graded but never seen the light of day.

The Programme conceived of One Night Only as not a regular exhibition, but rather a happening, where visitors can come and wander about the campus, following the lead of the scheduled programme where an assortment of activities are happening simultaneously. Food and beverage are served buffet style and the mood is kept casual.

The happening usually start from 6.30 pm and ends about 9.30 pm, and within the short span of 3 hours, we have hosted up to 9 electives and 90 students works around all the possible sites in the campus. The electives offered vary from year to year, but they are almost always designed and delivered with Winstedt campus as a site for presentation in mind. Some of the electives that we have offered in the past are Gardening as Praxis, Kinetic Structures, Performance Art, Dark Room Photography and Ceramics.

We are currently in our 7th edition of One Night Only, and this year we are presenting 6 electives digitally via the Instagram channel and this microsite. The 6 electives are Fieldworks led by Wang Ruobing, Sound Art – A Mutual Tuning by Chong Li Chuan, Performance Art by Ezzam Rahman, Video Art by Chen Kerui, Code Abstractions by Andreas Schlegel, and Artist as Curator by Celeste Tan. Like many of the One Night Only before, a small team of student curators from the Artist as Curator elective organizes, manages and takes charge of the entire showcase. This year is no different, and this group had been tirelessly working to adapt the One Night Only event unto a digital platform, yet not compromising the spirit of activating spaces (albeit a virtual one).

LASALLE College of the Arts
Professor Steve Dixon, President
Venka Purushothaman, Provost

Faculty of Fine Arts, Media & Creative Industries
Professor Adam Knee, Dean

McNally School of Fine Arts
Dr. S. Chandrasekaran, Head of School
Hazel Lim-Schlegel, Programme Leader, BA(Hons) Fine Arts
Gilles Massot, Lecturer, BA(Hons) Fine Arts
Jeremy Sharma, Lecturer, BA(Hons) Fine Arts
Dr. Wang Ruobing, Lecturer, BA(Hons) Fine Arts
Dr. Ian Woo, Programme Leader, MA Fine Arts
Adeline Kueh, Senior Lecturer, MA Fine Arts
Jeffrey Say, Programme Leader, MA Asian Art Histories
Dr. Clare Veal, Lecturer, MA Asian Art Histories
Salleh Japar, Senior Lecturer, Diploma in Fine Arts
Zarina Muhammad, Lecturer, Diploma in Fine Arts
Nadia Oh, Lecturer, Diploma in Fine Arts
Erzan Adam, Lecturer, Diploma in Fine Arts  
Azlina Adams, Technical Officer, Printmaking
Koh Kwang Wei, Technical Officer, Sculpture

School of Design
Andreas Schlegel, Senior Lecturer

Adjunct Studio Elective Lecturers
Celeste Tan
Chen Kerui (Kray)
Chong Li Chuan
Ezzam Rahman

ONO2020- Bridging Normalites
Exhibition Team
Shanice Ng (Curatorial in charge)
Rachel Lee (Micro site in charge)
Samhita Sonti (Editor)

Exhibition Management:
Koh Yuan Han
Harshita Agarwal
Jordan Chang

Instagram content and publishing:
Murni Khaliesah Binte Uda
Nur Afiqah Binte Mohd Amran
Nurfarihin Binte Sapah Ruddin
Yulie Jade Binte Katren

Website Builder
Tristan Lim

See Kian Wee

The ONO2020 team wishes to thank the following individuals for their generous insights
and support of the exhibition:

Andrea Rachael Danker
Azri Bin Alwi
Atin Yeo Jin Chao
Azirah Binte Jamal
Billy Sng Wei Kan
Chan Hong Ting
Chang Xuan Hui
Chang Ting Hsuan
Danial Shafiq Bin Mohd Fauzi  
Danielle Xaviera Chloe Poon Yen Chen
Divyam Raghunath
Dylan Chan
Elizabeth Mildred Wee
Erica Lim Song Yi
Farizi Noorfauzi
Felicia Lee
Ho Jia Qian Angelene  
Huang Suhuai
Ji Hyun Kim
Jung Yunju
Jyoshitaa Gopinath
Kirsten Kin
Lau Tse Xuan
Lee Jing Xuan, Phoebe  
Lim E-Lynn Joanne
Lim Zeharn
Liu Yutian
Myo Thet Hnin
Nurul Sal Azfirrah Binte Azman
Priyamvada Bhanger
Quek Wei Ting Priscilla
Rahmah Binte Kamarulzaman
Sarah Lin Fang Yi  
Shibani Gaikwad  
Sim Jia En
Smiha Kapoor  
Soo Pei Chia
Stephanie Leonardi
Tan Shi Qi, Andrea
Tasfia Hasin Nawar
Vanessa Seah
Wee Xuan, Bevelyn
Xiao Peng (Seow Pheng)
Yeo Li Min Amanda

Andreas Schlegel
Chen Kerui
Chong Li Chuan
Ezzam Rahman
Wang Ruobing

Special mentions:
Clara Peh
Ilya Katrinnada Bte Zubaidi
Jason Leung
Lee Ju-Lyn
Sneha Chaudhury
Tian Lim
Magdalena Magiera
Tan Yan Ni
Zahra Abdul Aziz

Lasalle Colleagues:
Ailin Chan
Mahat Supri
Sabrina Zhang

And Lasalle college of the Arts for making this exhibition possible.