Ji Hyun Kim

Sound: A Mutual Tuning
I’m not falling asleep, but I guess I am
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JiHyun is interested in the abstraction of visual and auditory phenomenons, which she can imagine beyond what I perceive logically, yet not wholly detached from reality. She enjoys floating around in a cryptic state, which can operate only in the realm of art. She refers to daily life experiences. Though usually a painter, she is looking forward to venturing more into other mediums. She is open to  anything that allows her to work in organic forms, and is attempting to be more flexible in dimensional aspects.
Through I’m not falling asleep, but I guess I am, the artist recalls that whenever trying not to drop her concentration while working, she has the experience of a thumping sensation in her heart, like when riding a roller coaster. The moment she has to grab herself from the temptation of cozy sleep is always thrilling.

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