Ho Jia Qian Angelene

The Performative Body
A Wireless Connection
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Angelene Ho’s practice emanates from ontological questioning. Through interactions with art objects, she aims for her works to invoke a sense of a search within various personas to seek authenticity in consciousness. Angelene is currently interested in exploring the concept of balance through elemental forces of nature.
Using the idea of the "lover's telephone", A Wireless Connection reflects the reality of social media and how very often we pour our hearts out online to people whom we are not close to. Through sharing, we seek comfort.In this interactive work, the artist invites the audience one by one to come and tell her anything. By speaking into the tin, she hopes to alleviate their stress and give them a sense of relief. After the conversation, the artist snips off the line that connects both the cans. This action reflects how the intimate bond ends after the conversation, and how comfort is temporary.

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