Farizi Noorfauzi

Sound: A Mutual Tuning
An Exercise (of Reorientation)
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Farizi Noorfauzi works at the intersection of media and performance, exploring his interest in trends in culture. He approaches personal histories as an entry point to imagining past, present and future tropes of cultural identity, re-learning and re-shaping understandings of the self and each other.This work is based on a recording of a spontaneous dialogue that took place during a hike. As a "stream of consciousness" mode of narrative, the listener is privy to a conversation the artist has with himself about his art practice.
An Exercise (of Reorientation) is a recording of a hike to an observation tower in a local nature park. Mediated by the acoustic soundscape of the tower, the recording centers around an introspective dialogue as the artist attempts to have a conversation with himself about his art practice.

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