Chang Xuan Hui

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Xuan Hui is a multimedia artist who is inspired by various subject matters, from pop culture and oriental mythology to natural biodiversity - cephalopods in particular. She enjoys exploring topics of anthropomorphism, duality, spirituality and self-identity. The mediums she uses ranges from digital programs for coding and illustration found and processed objects or materials to costume and prop ensembles which are heavily inspired by her roots in pop culture and cosplay. In her free time she can be found gaming or working on her next costume. Xuan Hui's goals for the future include working on big media productions as a costume and prop technician and producing works that will change the stigma around the aesthetic of popular culture in contemporary art.Inspired by the chromatophore cells of cephalopods that react to the imminent threats in their surroundings, t0uch me n0t is a simulacra of a visual defensive signalling system found in the natural world. Using colours and movement, the digital organism responds to the audience's interactions with the interface.

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