Billy Sng Wei Kan

Sound: A Mutual Tuning
And Time Passes
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Billy Sng is a text/theory artist currently exploring the poetics and sensus of language. The artist rejects the idea of a medium-based practice and believes that the concept is his medium (or perhaps he simply cannot decide what his favourite medium is). He draws inspiration from philosophy and literature and focuses on the subjective experience of the human condition, which is but a personal resolve to a futile existence. There is, however, still time now to explore and embrace the sheer frivolity of art, but one can only feel this time will soon be over.
And Time Passes is a result of the artist succumbing to the terms of presenting himself as an artist to the entire world at once. It is an abstract audio memoir of life; the sound of the artist’s life. The image serves as a visual companion to the work.

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