Art & Ecology

Voyage, 2023 
45 by 75 inches 

Voyage is a playful exploration into the human consciousness by addressing the guilt we feel in relation to textile waste. The artwork takes the form of a blanket that is crafted from the artist's preloved clothes, reflecting upon the regret of giving in to the pressure of fashion trends. The work becomes a conscious effort to make amendments for past actions and represents the act of carrying these unpleasant feelings over to our dream-like consciousness – the weight of it all on us, enveloping us in our sleep. 

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Victoria Chua (b. 2001, Singapore) is inspired by anime and video game art, which led her to pursue art under a more creative spotlight. Her work delves into the depiction of human nature through body language and expression, exploring the emotional effects behind colours and strokes. Outside of the arts, Victoria enjoys sketching in her free time, drawing references to her favourite films and animations.