Curatorial statement

"Deciphering Realms" is an exhibition that highlights the ongoing learning journey of artists as they navigate the intricacies of the world. This exhibition showcases the outcomes of Year 2 and 3 students from the BA(Hons) Fine Arts program who have chosen various curriculum electives. The title of the exhibition emphasizes the continuous process of unveiling the complexities of the numerous realms that the artists inhabit.

The works in the exhibition, drawn from different electives, namely, The Performative Body, Wearable Art, A Mutual Tuning, Art & Ecology, Social Forms of Art, and Rendering Realities, provide insights into how the artists have explored various tangible and intangible mediums. These artists have embraced new challenges, pushing the boundaries of their artistic practices, experimenting with different modes of presentation, employing materials both familiar and unfamiliar, resulting in a diverse range of artworks.

Although the artists may have initially felt uncertain when they ventured into new disciplines, this exhibition invites viewers to witness the enduring and self-directed learning process that each artist goes through. They overcome obstacles, expand their creative horizons, and explore their own realms of inquiry as they work tirelessly to decipher their personal realities and redefine their understanding of the world they inhabit.