Art & Ecology

sos,sos,so-, 2023 
Various dimensions 

"SOS" is a common morse code that signals dire help when needed. In sos, sos, so-, it takes a look at whales who are sending out signals to humans, pleading that we stop yelling at them with our sonars. With many of their families hurting and dying, they plead as desperately as they can. They cry and cry as much as they can until they could not anymore. Until there was silence. 

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Ummi Rahima (b. 2002, Singapore) also known as Miso, is an aspiring artist who uses the concept of escapism to inquire timely questions about our ever-evolving modern society. Her love for classic Studio Ghibli films and music serves as an influence for her attempts at visual storytelling. She has been awarded with a recognition award from the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) in 2015 and was also a nominee for the MENDAKI Anugerah Belia Cemerlang Award (ABC) in 2021.