Social Forms of Art

Generational Dialogues: Conversations on Growing Up, Enrichment Classes, and Parenting Perspectives, 2023 
Two channel media, installation 
Dimensions Variable 

Generational Dialogues: Conversations on Growing up, Enrichment Classes and Parenting Perspectives invites participants into a space to explore the multifaceted journey of growing up, the transformative impact of enrichment classes, and the nuanced perspectives of parenting through casual and heartfelt conversations. This socially-engaged initiative uses conversation as an art form; bridging people across different generations, an opportunity to deeply listen and share, to heal past wounds, and to embrace the joy of shared experiences. 

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Yaumakchoi (also known as Thng Shalyn, b. 1996, Singapore) is an emerging artist and educator. Her artistic exploration is deeply rooted in her ancestral heritage and the complexities of her upbringing within a transnational household. Beyond her primary focus, Yaumakchoi passionately engages with societal concerns, particularly within the realms of family, relationships, and education. Drawing from a diverse toolkit that includes conversations, social art practice, and traditional media, she endeavors to transform her works into a mirror reflecting not only her personal journey but also of the world in which she lives in.