Art & Ecology

to be used again, 2023 
Digital media and print 
Various dimensions 

to be used again is made from plastic bags that the artist has been collecting for the past three to six months, gathered from her daily purchases of food, stationery as well as contributions from family and friends. The work questions the role we occupy as an average consumer and the waste generated by it. The artist makes a conscious effort to repurpose the plastic bags into a kind of yarn, experimenting with the durability, weight and flexibility of the material. 

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Supassara Ho (b. 2002, Thailand) is a practising artist from Thailand with a background in comic illustration and digital art. Her current interest in the practice of crochet has enabled her to create narratives in a different form. Inspired by story-telling methods employed by poems, myths and stories from her adolescent years, she explores the concept of escapism while balancing it with new-found sincerity.