Rendering Realities

An Immutable Desire, 2023 
Projection, Resin, Wood 
16:9 Single Channel Video Looped, 1min 15s 

An Immutable Desire in a loop animation featuring a character on an unending quest for the perfect jade. This animation delves into the relentless pursuit of perfection, where the character tirelessly seeks for the flawless jade, exploring the concept of an unattainable fantasy. It blurs the boundaries between aspiration and obsession, illustrating the innate desires driving the relentless chase of an ideal that may or may not truly exist. 

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Soon Xiao Qi (b.2000, Singapore) is an artist whose practice is interested in personal narratives and evoking nostalgia through experimental imagery. Her practice revolves exploring human interaction and different realities, forming abstract perspectives of tales that are uncommon in her environment. Xiao Qi has exhibited in group shows at HEARTH by Art Outreach,Straits Gallery and Fluxus House.