Rendering Realities

Moving, 2023 
Projection, Cardboard, Acrylic 
16:9 Single Channel Video Looped, 2min 

Moving delves into the representation of life through an endless looped animation. This work explores the concept of humans behaving like bees, drawn to the intrigue of the digital and technological world. However, this fascination can reach a tipping point, resulting in dysfunction in the physical realm. The interaction between humans and technology is a key theme, illustrating the need for a reboot and a fresh start." 

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Pang Lixuan (b.2000, Singapore) is an artist exploring themes of nature and animals within her digital work. Her work spans across the mediums of motion graphics, printmaking, 3D art, illustration, and paper crafts. Her practice involves a dynamic fusion of diverse mediums and her deep connection to the natural world, creating captivating and immersive experiences for her audience.