Social Forms of Art

Seeu2, 2023 
A friendship booth made from cardboard 
75 x 93 x 56 cm 

Seeu2 is a friendship booth that reminisces about the beauty of having a platonic soulmate while the artists capture this moment in their drawing booth. Leave with a sentimental sense of the universe's fate and a personalized drawing of the participants and their kindred spirit. “You've crossed paths with two inseparable best friends, connected by an invisible bond. We're always seen together, and now, we invite you to join us at our booth”. 

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Aisha (b.2002, Singapore) is an artist whose artwork is a reflection of her deep interest in the coexistence of her inner and outer worlds. By exploring the complexity of her identity, which is shaped by her upbringing in a Muslim Malay household and the constant exposure to new media, Aisha continues creating works that reflect her journey to find a balance and her true self. Aisha's work has been featured in FASS Art Gallery, Istanbul (2023) for Project 3V.3, ICAS Gallery at Lasalle College of the Arts for Aisha's Veil (2023).