Art & Ecology

pretty isn’t pretty, 2023 
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pretty isn’t pretty is an interactive website that explores the connection between feminism and unsustainable waste. Through thought-provoking motifs, it encourages visitors to ponder the connection between societal norms, consumerism, and environmental impact. Marketing has often targeted women, leading to excessive consumption, but modern feminism advocates for sustainable practices and mindful consumption by reshaping habits, empowering individuals to make conscientious decisions that promotes product longevity and reduce waste. 

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Nur Sabrina (b. 2001, Singapore) is an emerging artist and predominantly a painter. She has recently ventured into diverse artistic avenues, including digital art and sculpture. Her art is a means for emotional expression, drawing inspiration from her personal experiences. Through her creations, she aims to give voice to unspoken emotions and untold stories, forging connections with the shared human experience. Sabrina's ultimate aspiration is to create art that elicits positive change and leaves a lasting impact. In recognition of her talent and dedication, Sabrina was honoured with the Gold Award for Emerging Artist in the United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year competition in 2021.