Rendering Realities

Transient Echoes, 2023 
Engraved leaves, Poem, Acrylic box 
16:9 Single Channel Video Looped, 1min 30s 

Transient Echoes involves experimenting with storytelling, seeking to explore the rich historical and cultural significance of forgotten artifacts, such as the Singapore Stone and the Singapore River. Using these artifacts as narrative tools in telling their stories, with the aim of discussing notions of progress, regress, and the complex trajectories of colonial narratives within local contexts. The work explores the role of a storyteller in reimagining these narratives granting them greater agency and respect, shedding light on the subjects the artist wishes to highlight. This process involves not only delving into the archive but also responding to them, as an act of speaking back to them. 

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Nur Halimah Binte Jasni (b.1992, Singapore) is a multidisciplinary artist whose research inquiries revolve around exploring the archive. Through her art-making process and outcomes, she employs critical-aesthetic plans of action to reconsider historical narratives, expose missing or silenced voices, interrogate modes of representation and investigate relations between official and personal memory.