Art & Ecology

Bug Hunt!, 2023 
Various dimensions 

Bug Hunt! is a series of small stickers with a print of an obscure insect. Found in different areas throughout the exhibition space, visitors are invited to participate in a hunt for all the parts. Insects come in a beautiful variety yet are often overlooked in favour of cute animals. Bug Hunt! encourages the viewers to keep an eye out for our underappreciated friends. Their obscure form is also a nod to the sad reality that most of these insects will never be discovered or will go extinct in silence, with only the ghosts of their existence left behind. 

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Nur Anisah (b. 2002, Singapore) is an avid storyteller and illustrator, who often creates characters that act as a medium for self-expression and exploration. Enchanted by the notion of duality, her work often touches into the realm of the 'in-between'. Her art has evolved into self documentation as she delves deeper into the complexity of her humanity. Her strong belief in the 'first draft' has influenced her approach towards art, allowing her to embrace the raw and rich nature of sketches. It is the rawest form of an idea made visual, and often acts as a mirror of sorts to the artist, unravelling their current thoughts, emotions, and even truths.