Social Forms of Art

Life’s a game: Play it like a Kid, 2023 
Twisting Machine, writing materials and sweets 
Dimensions Variable 

'Life's a game: Play it like a kid' is a game booth that engages players and promotes self-awareness and acceptance of fear. These are all-natural parts of decision-making in life. Practice to control reactions and attitudes reflecting on life's unpredictability. The game encourages players to confront their fears and approach life's twists and turns with a more positive mindset. 

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Nadiah Nadzirah (b. 2000, Singapore) is an aspiring artist specializing in drawing and painting. Establishes the fine lines within her mixed media artworks as her trademarks. Nadiah is passionate about teaching children and wants to pass her skills down to the artists of the future. She was awarded Distinction in Diploma as well as the Anugerah Mendaki and MTFA Scholarship in 2022 and 2023. She participated in many exhibitions like Project 3v.2, in Turkey and Singapore 2022.