Art & Ecology

Please Look Up, 2023 
Dimensions variable 

Please Look Up draws attention to the alarming rise in temperatures due to climate change. Instead of taking charge of the issue, people tend to complain about the heat without realising that we have become the main reason for these devastating changes. The work urges viewers to reconsider our actions and push for a change for our environment and ourselves. 

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Kamolthip Pulkes (b. 2001, Thailand) is a practising artist with a passion for art that began when she watched her sibling paint as a child. That passion has since blossomed and influenced her to become an artist herself. Art would continue to provide refuge for her as she started to experience symptoms of mental illness. As a result, Pulkes' works encapsulate her experiences with mental health which have taught her to be more resilient and confident. Through different mediums of art, she hopes that her work will empower those with similar conditions and experiences to remain strong and bravely embrace themselves.