Social Forms of Art

Serving Eviction, 'Reclaiming' Singapore (SERS), 2023 
Found objects, photographs 
Dimensions Variable 

In this collaborative project, the artist and local residents living in the same estate assemble objects as mementos in confronting the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS). In bidding farewell to their homes, these assemblages serve as their imprints in the neighborhood and are extended through this showcase, as remnants and traces to be remembered. 

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Hendra Selamat (b. 1997, Singapore) dives deeply into the possibilities of printmaking, namely in image transfers, imbedding in his practice an exploration for unconventionality and beyond as they are translated into his contemplation with mediums and material. He is currently experimenting with the utility of [found] objects for installation works, identifying narratives through relationalities.