Art & Ecology

Elsehood, 2023 
Mixed media painting 
21 x 29.7 cm 

Elsehood is a mixed media painting that offers commentary on the environmental impacts that happen at the cost of humanity's desire to expand their living space from Earth to a more suitable planet across the stars. How do we seek out something so alien and distant to become more earth-like than Earth itself, instead of working on reversing the environmental damages here on our planet. Using common science fiction tropes and the symbolic implications that various insects have on the cyclical nature of life, Elsehood seeks to explore how we become so comfortable with deviating from nature's laws. 

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Eva Mansor (b. 2000, Singapore) is a painter dealing with mixed media who focuses on human figures and their narrative environments as a means to express a range of unsettling emotions within the viewer. Their artwork is characterized by a juxtaposition of the mundane and the violent, drawing inspiration from the desensitised culture of early internet imageboards and its proximity to poor mental health. This influence is met with the intense and romantic human tragedies found in classic Russian literature.