Rendering Realities

Secret!, 2023 
16:9 Single Channel Video Looped, 44s 

Secret! presents a cipher and a coded message, inviting viewers to decode it. The laborious process of deciphering the cipher, coupled with the work's use of text, is designed to evoke a sense of dissatisfaction and wit, providing commentary on our expectations in exchange for labor. 

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Jia Ying (b. 2002, Singapore) as an artist who is sometimes playful and sometimes pensive, at the core of her work are the things she can't say out loud. With a background in digital media, she went into fine arts to experience a different mode of thinking, where she had the opportunity to produce more experimental works. Leaving traces and hints, she encourages viewers to question the secrets we have in common. In her free time, she likes to crochet and play guitar (though not at the same time).