Rendering Realities

Where am I going?, 2023 
4:3 Single Channel Video Looped, 3min
Where am I going is a video work that aims to immerse viewers in the sensation of traversing through diverse liminal spaces. Within this piece, viewers embark on an unending journey, ensnared in a never ending sequence of looped locations. The work recreates scenes that oscillate between familiarity and uncanniness, evoking a profound sense of discomfort and anxiety. 

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Arundhati Kartik (b.2004, India) is an artist, who draws inspiration from the world around her. Her works are a means of exploration for her to connect with her audience, and with herself. She is fascinated by the emotional connection people associate with objects and spaces, and seeks to elicit these emotions and feelings through her artworks. While she normally works with drawings, she is also looking to explore digital media and rendering and incorporating those in her practice as well.