Social Forms of Art

Community Edible Garden Club, 2023 
KangKong kimchi, potato jeon pancake 
Dimensions Variable 

Community Edible Garden Club is a thriving community of students, professors, and staff members who participate in an edible garden in the Winstedt Campus. With a common interest in agriculture and sustainable practices, the KangKong became a symbol of the community we had created, a tangible representation of their shared values and interests. 

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Aeri Park (b .2001, Korea) is an artist originating from Daejeon. Aeri's art explores the impact art has on people, creating conversations about the meaning behind the artwork while bringing fresh perspectives to the picture. She is trying to find her own identity through art or beyond aesthetic pleasure. Beyond art making, Aeri also had the opportunity to work in various capacities, including as marketing intern and usherer at Void Deck Gallery (2022).