Stephanie Leonardi

A Brief Divinity
Dried leaves, white denim thread
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Using media ranging from ceramics, textiles and paper, Stephanie Leonardi (b. 1999, Indonesia) mainly focuses on capturing the dynamics of obsession in her work through the repetitive action of sewing, crocheting, carving, etc. Greatly influenced by nature and science, her work seeks to provide viewers with visual sensations and push the limits of craft and materiality. Through the use of continuous and repeated patterns, her practice conveys the passing of time where each piece serves as a fragment of what she has done. A Brief Divinity uses leaves, which are easily overlooked and disregarded despite being the most important part of a plant/tree. The leaves are there to absorb sunlight for the process of photosynthesis, thus keeping the tree alive. The array of circular-cut leaves are inspired by the medieval scholars in the Neolithic Age, where they regarded anything circular as a symbol of divinity and perfection. Circles represent not just the Sun, which is the centre of all life, but also wheels and gears, which are considered mankind’s greatest achievement. Circles are everything but nothing at the same time; there is nothing natural in this world that is perfectly circular. Circles are the basis of all mankind has brought to existence, and yet it doesn’t exist in reality. Through the absence of cyclic forms in nature combined with the action of cutting the leaves into perfect circular shapes, this work creates a juxtaposition between the divine and the ephemeral. The installation generates a sensorial experience to the viewers through the diversity of natural hues. This work also aims to elevate the viewers’ consciousness to observe and be mindful of the overlooked and unappreciated beauties within their vicinity.

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