Smiha Kapoor

The Performative Body
Loud And Clear
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Smiha Kapoor comes from India and is a passionate practitioner of visual arts. Grounding herself in spiritual fundamentals, she works with performance, drawings, and installations to question and re-understand her identity and relationship to the various manifestations of this day and age. Embodying the spirit of collective learning, she is always on a lookout for new experiences to broaden the horizons of the self, the world, and the universe.  Loud And Clear was created with the intent to magnify the voices of justice, morality, freedom, and dissent, and to upload the fundamental constitutional fabric of India against the state-legitimised discrimination and voilence. This work hints at the rapidly declining condition of the Indian democracy and its four pillars- the judiciary, the executive, the legislative and the media, under the authoritarian regime of the Modi-led BJP Government.

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